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How to Check Your Keyword Rankings

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Ever wondered where your website ranks on Google for a particular keyword?  There are a number of tools out there that can track keyword rankings across the major search engines and give you a good idea of where your website sits.

The most useful rank checker I have come across for small businesses is SEO Book’s Rank checker.  It’s a free rank checker that works from within the browser and I highly recommend that all small businesses install it and start keeping track of their rankings.

Firefox Addon

This particular tool is a Firefox add on, so if you don’t have it you will need to download the Firefox web browser.   SEO Book’s instruction page gives you everything you need to know about installation and using the free tool.  It’s very useful as you can easily install the tool to your Firefox browser and quickly check your rankings from within your web browser – no software downloads required. You can then download the reports via CSV and create your own ranking graphs and reports.

This video gives a great run down on what how the tool works:

Why Check Rankings?

Checking rankings is important to keep an eye on trends that may be happening with your website.  It is an essential part of tracking your SEO progress.  A general rule of thumb is the higher you rank the more traffic you will get.  Having a general idea of how your website is ranking for a number of keywords allows you to quickly see whether your website is performing and identify any trends that may be appearing.

Rankings vs Traffic

After you have started checking your keyword rankings, you need to compare these against the volume of traffic to your website from these particular keywords.  You can use your analytics package such as Google Analytics in combination with  Google Webmaster Tools to check traffic and search volumes for particular keywords and measure any ranking and traffic trends.

Ranking figures on their own are useful in getting a snapshot of your website’s ranking, but the real value lies in measuring your keyword rankings again the traffic you received from those keywords.  It may be nice to rank first in Google for a particular keyword, but if that keyword is not driving any traffic to your website then it is of little value.

However, if you rank 6th on Google for a given keyword and are receiving decent traffic for it, then it may pay to put some more work into building links or creating more content on the page that is ranking.  Inceasing your ranking by one or two spots on the search engine results page can have a dramatic impact on traffic levels for that keyword.


Tracking your website’s rankings for various keywords is an important part of measuring your business’ search engine optimisation.  Tying this information in with your website analytics and measuring how much traffic you are getting for certain keywords can identify which keywords are going to be the most profitable, and bring in the most visitors.

There is no point in ranking 1st in Google for a keyword that does not bring in any traffic or make any sales!

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  1. Where can i get free rank checker tool that is compatible with chrome?Thanks

  2. This is brilliant. Is there a way to upload a list of URLS and keywords, and do batch ranking check?

    • Hi Dom,

      The easiest way to do batch upload is to create a spreadsheet with a list of all the keywords (for a particular domain name) you want to check – and then copy and paste them into the “add multiple keywords” section. Then once you’ve run the report – save it, and then you can come in any time and re-run the report. You can check your competitors by doing the same thing and just changing the domain name you are checking for.

      If you are looking for a more comprehensive rank checking tool – check out Advanced Web Ranking.

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