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How to get links and social share

How To Get Links and Social Shares for Your Blog Post

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FINALLY! You’ve finished that blog post you’ve been working on for the past three weeks!

But what do you do now?

Do you hit ‘publish’ and then wait for a landslide of readers, likes and links to happen?

Unfortunately, this probably isn’t going to happen if you’re a local business and don’t have a strong national brand!

So what should you actually do to get more links, likes and social shares on the blog post?

Luckily, we’ve put together a video which outlines exactly what you need to do make the most of your blog post or content.

Check it out:

Video Transcript

Hey, it’s Andrew Webber here from SEO Maverick and today’s topic is “What to do after you write and hit ‘publish’ on that blog post.”

A question we often get asked here at SEO Maverick is, “How do I actually get people to read my blog post once I’ve hit publish?

Share Your Blog Post on Social Media Channels

Look, the first thing you need to do after you’ve hit publish on your blog post is you share it on your own social channels. You want to make sure that you share it on your Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and even your Twitter account because you really want to maximise the SEO benefit.

If you’ve taken the time to write the blog post, you may as well try and get someone to read it because otherwise, there’s no real point in doing it anyway.

It’s pretty straightforward to share on your own social accounts. You just log into your Twitter, your Facebook, LinkedIn. Share your URL and provide a slightly different analysis on that blog post.

You don’t want to share exactly the same comment on all three social accounts. You want to try and vary what you say there.

Include An Image

You want to make sure you also have an image to share with it. So you can use Canva to create pretty good-looking picture to go along with your blog post.

For Canva, there are heaps of pre-made templates there that you can just use, put your own text in or where you go and it looks very professional. You don’t need to hire a graphic designer or a programmer to make it happen.

Send Out Email Via Email Marketing Program

So once you’ve shared your website on social media, you want to make sure you get an email. Put your content in the email. Outline what’s in the blog post and share it via your email marketing program.

So if you don’t actually have an email marketing program, which you should have set up because every small business should have an email marketing list to send to, just head over to MailChimp or AWeber and set it up using that. It’s pretty easy.

There are pre-made templates where you just need to put your content in, talk about the blog post and then hit send out to your contacts. If you don’t have an account on one of these platforms, get that done immediately.

Send Direct Personal Email to Contacts, Clients or Customers

So once you’ve done that and sent out your email via your email marketing program, you should send a personal email to some of your contacts, your clients or your customers directly if you think they will be specifically interested in that.

So send them a personalised email saying, “Hey John, check this out. We wrote this blog post. I think you might find it interesting because we cover X, Y and Z.” It’s a good way to connect with them and give them a little bit of value-add, some extra information for them to read about.

Email Bloggers or Other Websites

Moving on from that, but very similar, the email – sending direct email is a very good way to get additional shares or even links to your site. So if you notice bloggers in your industry, in your niche, send them an email or just hit them up via Twitter and just say, “Hey, we’ve written this post. You might find it interesting.”

What works even better is if you’ve actually mentioned one of their articles in the blog post and you say, “Hey, we shared your article here and we linked to it. What do you reckon?”

Most likely people go, “Oh, cool. I will share it with my people,” or their followers. So it’s a good way to continue growing your readership base.

People generally, they like to know when they’re being linked to. So hit them up with a quick email. It is a good way to build a relationship and you never know what might happen in the future. One of the keys to all of this though is to actually create content that is worth sharing.

Make Outstanding Content That People Want To Share

If you don’t create a piece of content that’s worth sharing, people aren’t going to link to your 300-word article, your 200-word article. They might link to your ultimate guide which is over 2500 words long which actually adds a lot of value and showing a lot of – you put a lot of effort, a lot of time into making that particular resource.

So that’s the key. Make sure you’ve actually got a piece of content that’s worth sharing. Otherwise, people aren’t going to tweet or link to it.

If you’re having a bit of trouble with coming up with an email script like what you’re actually going to say to these bloggers or these business owners, we use an email script ourselves here that we use to get links from websites like Search Engine Land and Ahrefs which are pretty big in the SEO game.

So for our Ultimate Guide to Local SEO, we did this ourselves and we managed to generate some pretty good links and a lot of social shares. So the email scripts could go something like this. If you find someone’s email address on a website where you would like to get them to link to you, this is where you could go.

Free Email Outreach Script

“Hey John. I was searching for some articles about local SEO and noticed that you linked out to some really great SEO articles in your recent post about X, Y, Z that you wrote a couple of weeks ago.” Then you insert the URL there to that post. So basically you’re telling him where you would like the link to go.

You’re making it easier for him and then you say, “I just wanted to give you a heads up that we created an extremely thorough guide, the ultimate guide to local SEO and it might be worth a mention there,” and give them a link to your article. “Either way, keep up the awesome work. Thanks.”

It’s that easy. We use that script ourselves and we managed to generate some really good results and got a whole bunch of social shares and additional links from some really good resources. So it works. The personal touch is extremely good. You just need to find the right email address and send it out.


So I hope that gives you some ideas on what you need to do to actually generate some interest and readership once you’ve hit Publish on that blog post because at the end of the day, there’s no point in writing a blog post if no one is going to read it and it’s not going to give you any SEO benefit at all.

So the keys are share on your social profiles. Directly contact people who might be interested in the information from your client base, your customers, or other contacts. Then the next part is to email people directly within your industry, your niche, who might be worth – might be interested in linking to it and ask for them to mention on your site.

As we said before, what makes getting the shares and the links a lot easier is to actually create an outstanding piece of content that’s worth sharing. Brian Dean shares some excellent information about this on his blog and he likes to refer to these as “power pages”.

So if you’re looking for ideas on how to create an actual power page on your website, check out our Ultimate Guide to local SEO for an example – we have a ton of social shares and as we said before, a lot of links from authority sites in our niche on that page.

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  1. Great post Andrew, I’ve enjoyed reading / watching your latest posts tonight. Lots of value for small local businesses looking to get more visibility locally and enter the jungle of content marketing!

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