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The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO

How to Grow Your Local Business Using the Internet


Last Update April 12th, 2016: With 1 in 3 of all Google searches being for local businesses, getting your website onto the first page of Google in your local area is more important than ever.

And who wants to pay Google for your traffic via Adwords when you can get it for free?

If you’re looking to get more traffic and enquiries in your local area from search engines, then local SEO should be at the heart of your marketing plan.

If you have ever wondered:

How do I get my website to rank 1st in Google in my local city?

How should my local business website actually look?

Why am I getting no business through my website?

What content do I need to put on my business website?

Then the following 80 resources are for YOU!


1in3 local searches


The Most Bad-Ass List of Local SEO Resources on the Internet

From website design to getting customer reviews, these resources cover it all


Chapter 1

The Foundation of Local SEO

If you’re new to Local SEO – or want to see what the differences are between traditional SEO and other online marketing strategies, then these resources will start you off in the right place.

You will learn how to discover what keywords your local customers are typing into Google, how and why Google displays its search results in the order that they do. 

Creating a solid foundation for your local business’ online presence might take a little bit of time to set up, but the results in the long term will be worth it.

These resources will help you get your local SEO campaign off on the right foot.


Google Ranking Algorithm

What Makes Up The Ranking Algorithm

Wondering how Google actually decides which websites to rank first in its local search algorithm? The main factors are typically: citations, reviews, backlinks and on-site factors.

These resources are excellent places to start to discover how Google works, and what elements make up it’s ranking algorithm.

Finding What Your Local Customers Are Searching For

How can you find out what your customers are typing into Google to find your targeted services in your location?

These epic posts give an extremely comprehensive overview on how to do keyword research in the (not provided) era and successfully find the ‘money’ terms in your local area.

local searches

make money online

Mindset for Success

In order to be successful in Local SEO, you first need to understand your market, your competitors and most importantly, your OWN business.

Have you taken the time to work out:

  • How much is a new customer worth to me?
  • What is the average lifetime value of a customer?
  • What sort of budget can I afford?
  • Where am I currently rankings?
  • What is my current website traffic?
  • What is my conversion rate from website visitor to enquiry?
  • And most importantly, what does success look like.

This article will help you do all of these and more:

 And Finally…a Step by Step Guide on How to Do It Yourself

This guide by Phil Rozek is about as comprehensive as you can get on the subject of local SEO and is an absolute must read for anyone wanting to learn local SEO or start doing it themselves. Download his guide today.

The 7 Step Guide to Local Visibility


Chapter 2

Your Website

40% of small businesses DON’T HAVE A WEBSITE!! Your website is incredibly important to ranking well in your local search results – if you serious about your business, then GET ONE NOW!

How you structure your local business website, and what calls to action you have on there, makes a big difference.  Here you’ll learn how to make a website that not only ranks well, but generates more customers.

We highly recommend using WordPress for any local business website and using responsive web design instead of a dedicated mobile site.


websites for local businesses



Chapter 3

Your Google+ Page

local serp

Your Google+ page (also known as your Google Places for Business page) is your direct line into Google’s search results. Here you control how your business information is displayed directly in the search results, respond to customer reviews and upload photos and videos.

You need to claim your Google+ page and ensure that the information is consistent with the data on your website. These resources will help show you how to maximise your listing and make it “Google friendly”.


Chapter 4


Citations are simply mentions of your business name, address and phone number on the internet and happen to be a foundation of how Google interprets your business information. Consistency is key and builds your trust score with Google. Conflicting data from several different sources lowers it. So tidy up those citations!  

Simply put, citations are mentions of your business’ name, address and phone number (full citation) or name and phone or address (partial citation).

citations for local business


Chapter 5


local seo reviews

Reviews of your business are another foundation stone for local SEO. The quantity and quality of 3rd party reviews on your Google+ page and on other review websites has a major impact on your rankings in your local area.

Why do they matter? Well, people tend to trust customer reviews almost as much as personal recommendations. The equation is simple…get more reviews!


Chapter 6

How to Make Content that Drives Traffic and Conversions

The information you have on your website can be the difference between a landslide of leads, and a ghost town.

These resources will help you come up with ideas for your local website content, some best practices for the content you create, and how to actually implement these ideas (and turn them into sales).

content marketing


Chapter 7

Blogging For Local SEO Success

local seo blogging

Blogging can be a powerful weapon when it comes to dominating your local area. It’s a chance for you demonstrate your expertise and show your customers you know what you’re talking about, and an awesome way to attract social shares and backlinks. These resources will give you some blogging ideas and help you come with with a system that works for you.


Chapter 8

Link Building

Link building is at the very core of any SEO campaign. A few relevant high quality backlinks from authority websites can be the difference between ranking #1, or on page 5.

These resources will make you a link building pro in no time. Read them. Do them. This is not optional.

link building local seo


Chapter 9

Multiple Locations


Multiple locations SEO

Do you have more than one location? Well, you’re not alone. Thousands of small businesses have multiple locations or offices around the country or in a given city.

If your business has several locations, your SEO approach should be slightly different. These resources will show you exactly how to structure your website and manage your marketing plan across multiple locations.


Chapter 10

Lead Generation for Local Businesses

It’s great to drive tonnes of traffic to your local business website. But what is the point if none of them turn into phone calls, emails or website enquiries?

These resources will help you turn your website into a local lead generating machine.

lead generation


Chapter 11

How to Use Email Marketing to Build Your Customer Base and Make More Sales

email marketing

Email is very much alive and can still be an extremely effective channel to generate more customers in your local area and can kick social media’s ass when it comes to conversions.

If you don’t have a email list of your local customers – you need one. Now. These resources will help you build your list and turn this list into money in the bank.


Bonus Chapter

Other Useful Local SEO Resources

No ultimate guide to local SEO would be complete without giving out a free bonus chapter full of other amazing resources that will help you to totally dominate your local area. In no particular order, here they are…


Free BONUS Checklist for improving your local website rankings