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4 Logo Design Websites for Small Businesses

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One of the major start up costs for starting any small business is getting your logo and other marketing materials created for your new brand.

In the past this could be an extremely expensive exercise and end up costing you 1,000s of dollar and months of your time.

With so many design related services heading online, there are some great cheap alternatives for getting your logos and branding created.

Here are a 4 great websites websites where you can create everything you need to start your new business including logos, letterheads, business cards and anything else you can imagine – all for a very cost effective price!

4 Websites that Create Professional Business Logos

1. Design Crowd

Design Crowd


Price: from $297

Summary: I’m a big fan of Design Crowd and some of the work that is done on there is exemplary.  It is decently priced and you can get not just a logo created, but business card designs, letterheads and any other marketing materials that you might need.

2. 99 Designs

99 Designs

Website: and

Price: from $99 – $297

Summary: Another crowd sourced design website priced around the $300.  They also have some other great design services for website templates and various other marketing materials as well.

Their $99 logo design store is where you can get ready-made logo designs customised for $99 where you “choose a logo and they’ll add your business name within 24 hours!”

3. Logo Nerds

Logo Nerds


Price: $27 or $47

If you’re on a budget and need a logo fast, these guys are fantastic and can create some really professional logos in a very short period of time for under $50.  Very cost effective at $27 for 3 designs and $47 for 6 designs.

They also have fantastic customer service and I’ve used them a number of times for good quality cheap logos.  Highly recommended if you’re on a very tight budget.

4. Crowd Spring

Crowd Spring


Price: $269+

Summary: I haven’t used these guys yet but they have very good reviews in the market. Similar pricing point to 99 Designs and Design Crowd and seem to have produced some high quality designs in their portfolio.

Things to consider when getting a logo created

  • Be as specific as possible in the design instructions. You will get a much better end result.
  • If there are websites or logos you really like, provide links and be detailed about the elements you want to include in your design and what you want left out.
  • Look at past and present contests and if you like the entries for those contests contact the designer, tell them you like their work, and ask them to consider entering your contest.
  • Give feedback on all the designs.  This can take time but the designers like feedback and if there are any other designers on the fence about entering the contest, they will feel more confident about entering.

Have you come across any other websites that have been great for logo design?

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There are 4 comments. Add yours.

  1. Andrew, what’s your opinion on the quality of these “crowd sourced” designs? Are they as good as a professional? Of course we are biased…

    • The quality of some of the crowd sourced designs varies greatly in my experience. I think it depends on how much you are willing to spend as to the quality of the designers that take on the project. I like that you can get lots of different design options from so many different sources.

      I still am definitely in favour of using professional designers if you can afford it, but these crowd sourced websites can save some dollars for people on a tighter budget.

  2. Andrew, thanks for blogging about DesignCrowd! We also offer a ready-made option via BrandCrowd – see 🙂

  3. Phaeton Graphix

    Design crowd and 99 designs along with other sites likes this are crowded and burdened with sort of goog designers that work work thier tail off in this shark tank of overwhelming competition. I tried as a proffesional designer to make a project on these sites and and was beat out of the project by some indian dude who could do it for a tenth of of my price. I design motorcycles and have been working as a professional computer graphics artist for twenty five years and these sites are all a joke for the designer in general. :-<

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