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New and Improved SEO Maverick Design

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We have been extremely busy over the last few months – launching a number of new websites, winning a number of new clients, and expanding the SEO Maverick business.

We’ve moved to a new premises in Kent Town, and have been growing steadily and today marks an important day in our journey to continue to grow and develop the business – the launch of a new website.

What We Actually Do?

The first question we had to answer was: What do we actually do here? 

We spent a long time figuring out what services SEO Maverick should be offering and how best we can help our clients moving forward. We analysed what we are good at, where the main opportunities are, and how best we can help local businesses.

This then formed the structure of the website. We found all our services fit under 4 categories:


1. Search Engine Optimisation


2. Local SEO


3. Google Adwords


4. Website Design


However…we found it hard to explain EXACTLY what we do

After speaking with a number of clients and close friends, we found we were having difficulty quickly explaining what “SEO” is, how it works, and how we could use it to help others.

We decided the homepage would need to be extremely clear in illustrating to anybody that visited the website what is was we did in very basic terms.


We Help you get here


We also wanted to add a bit of colour to the site, add testimonials and improve the overall image of the SEO Maverick brand – we feel we have improved it dramatically.

Where to from here?

We will be doing a number of new blog posts and heavily focusing on the local SEO market – in particular the Google+ Local marketing (Google Maps). We will soon be adding a comprehensive Local SEO guide for small businesses which will be able to be downloaded in PDF format as well as a few other handy resources.


We would love to hear what you think of the new layout and if you spot anything that doesn’t look right, please email us at or through the contact form and let us know!

About Andrew Webber

I'm an avid basketballer who is passionate about internet marketing. I love local SEO and helping small business get more visibility. I am also the founder of SEO Maverick. Find me on Google+ at +Andrew Webber
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