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Google Adwords Campaigns


Google Adwords & Remarketing Campaigns

If you don’t show up on Google when people search for what you’re selling, you may as well not exist at all.

Pay per click advertising is a great way to start getting visitors to your website immediately – and turning them into customers. When used in combination with SEO, it is a powerful lead generation tactic.

Paid search marketing allows you to quickly identify what the traffic volumes, costs and competitiveness is for various keywords. Effective management of pay per click marketing campaigns can save you dollars and dramatically increase your return on investment (ROI).

Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords to target in your campaign is the first step to creating a good pay per click campaign.

It is best to produce a list of broad keywords to begin with, and then divide these keywords into similar groups.  An Excel spreadsheet is your friend when categorising and sorting your keywords into specific groups .

A good place to start is to check your analytics to see what keywords are currently driving traffic to your website. These will give a solid foundation to start from if you have an existing website.  If it is a new website or a site with limited analytics information, the Google keyword tool will give a good list of relevant keywords to build the master list from.

Competitive Research

Type in some of your most competitve keywords into Google and you will soon see which of your competitors are buying ads.

Take note of the headlines, copy and URL’s they use in their ads. These can give you some ideas for effective ad copy and messages that you could use in your market.

There are a number of useful tools that reveal what your competitors are doing with their pay per click marketing such as SpyFu and SEM Rush.

Ad Groups

Once a broad list of keywords has been generated they need to be broken up into specific ad groups.  An ad group contains one or more ads which target a set of keywords.

The best way to do the segmentation is through an Excel spreadsheet by having separate columns for each ad group.  The more specific the ad group the better.

Dividing the keywords into small, similar and specific groups will allow the ads for each group to be a lot more relevant for the keywords.

This will generally result in higher click throughs, conversion rates and overall better performing ads.


Targeting paid ads using geographic parameters such as state, city, town or postcode ensures that ads are only shown for users in the desired geographical location.

This means that ads can be targeted to users in an exact area making them extremely relevant and timely to them.

This works well in eliminating the number of times ads are seen by users who are not interested or able to use your product or service.  This keeps the ads specific which increases click through rates and gets them in the front of the desired audience, at the right time.

Adjusting Bid Price

The next important part of a pay per click campaign is optimising bid prices.  Bid prices for ad groups and keywords must be based on the  conversion rate and profitability. For example:

You pay $2.00 a click for a keyword which returns on average $2.30 for every click.  This is a 15% profit.  Compare this to a keyword with a cost per click of $0.70 and a ROI of $1.00.

This would also be a 30 cent profit the same as the first example.  This time however, the profit margin is 42.86% instead of 15%.

So in some cases, it can be better to focus on less competitive keywords that have a lower cost per click.  Bid prices should usually be based on profit margins – not just sales volume.


Creating good reports is vital to running a successful pay per click campaign.

The reports should contain the most profitable keywords, ad groups, ad creative and overall performance of the campaign in terms of ROI and conversion rates.

Google offers a number of excellent reporting tools in its Adwords platform which can be automatically generated at any given time.  The Google Adwords Editor is a great platform for managing entire pay per click campaigns offline and generating detailed reports into an Excel spreadsheet format.


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