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Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings

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We have designed and implemented many SEO campaigns for a wide variety of local based clients and abroad. This includes SEO for E-Commerce stores, local SEO for smaller businesses and larger scale company-wide SEO strategy development and implementation.

We have achieved top rankings for many of our clients in a variety of industries and terms. Our strategy does not only involve top rankings in search engines, we’re focused on the bigger picture for your business – sales.

How Do We Do It?


1. Google Analytics Set Up

Every one of our SEO campaign starts by correctly setting up and implementing Google Analytics.

Your website might already have it installed, but we ensure that it’s tracking everything possible, including Google AdWords, conversion goals, email newsletters, e-commerce orders, Facebook traffic, Twitter traffic, and Google+ Local traffic.

Without analytics tracking on your site, how will your business know what is working and what isn’t?

Our aim is to obtain some baseline traffic and conversion data that will allow us to track and report on how well our SEO efforts are converting directly into sales and conversions.

2. Website Audit

We will do a technical audit of your existing website and deliver a detailed report with our analysis and recommendations We check for:

    • Website architecture issues
    • Website design implications on SEO efforts
    • Internal linking strategy
    • External linking strategy
    • Content quality and strategy
    • On page SEO factors
    • Current search engine indexation

3. Competitor Analysis

Your offline competitors are not always your biggest competitors in the search engines. Quite often, your major offline competitors will be positioned differently online. Identifying who your real competitors are in the search engines is extremely important

We will identify who your main competitors are, what they are doing well, and then work out a strategy that allows your website to outperform them.

4. Keyword Research

We do a comprehensive keyword analysis of your market using a variety of keyword tools to identify the most popular and profitable keyword terms within your industry.

We generate an extensive keyword list that will continue to grow and evolve over time as we discover which keywords will be the most profitable and viable for your business to target.

5. On-site optimisation

We take a look at each page on your website and identify (and fix) any issues with your URL structure, website architecture, heading tags, title tags, meta description, URL’s (using 301 redirects), body text, sitemaps, XML sitemaps, robots.txt and any other on-site SEO factors.

6. Link Building

We help you generate relevant, high quality links to your website by employing a number of link acquisition techniques to attract valuable inbound links to your website. Having a well-0ptimised website will only get you so far – having these high quality and relevant inbound links are what really helps get those top rankings.

7. Ongoing Optimisation

We form long-term partnerships with our clients to ensure that they get the maximum returns for their investment. SEO is not a “once-off” activity, it requires ongoing maintenance.

To obtain the best results of high rankings, more traffic, sales and conversions, we continuously update your website with new content and new inbound links.

We work with you to develop a sustainable content creation and link acquisition strategy which will give you the maximum long term SEO results.

8. Reporting

We will keep you up to date with our detailed reporting showing you how your SEO campaign is progressing. This keeps us accountable and shows you what is working and what isn’t. It’s all well and good to get traffic, but this traffic needs to be turning into more conversions and sales. Each month you will be sent a report containing:

  • Overall traffic level of the site compared to the previous month. This is segmented by traffic from search engines, direct traffic and traffic from referring websites.
  • Total number of goal conversions on your website compared to the previous month.
  • Top landing pages of the site compared to the previous month.
  • Total amount of e-commerce revenue compared to the previous month (if applicable.)
  • An outline of the various activities we focused on during that month.


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