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Why Your Website Isn’t Appearing In Google

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Many business owners wonder why their website isn’t showing up in Google for particular searches. Often this even includes their own brand name.  And if you can’t find your OWN business, chances are that your customers are having even more difficulty than you are!

Is your website missing from Google?

There are a number of elements that might be impacting your ability to find your website on Google. The following are potential issues and solutions for pinpointing why your website isn’t appearing on Google for both a new site, and an established one:

New Website

It typically takes time for Google to add a new website to it’s vast index.  The first thing you need to do is tell Google that your website actually exists and help it find and index your content.

Potential Issues:

  • Google is yet to index your content
  • Non descriptive page titles


  • Identify if your site is Google’s  index by typing this into Google:
  • Set up Google webmaster tools – this will help Google find your website and show you crawl errors and various other very detailed and useful information about your website.
  • Set up an XML sitemap and submit it in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Submit your website to a couple of business directories and get some links pointing to your site.
  • Page titles – create unique descriptive page titles for every page. Use your brand name in your homepage title to assist Google in understanding the link between your website and that brand name.

Existing/Older website

Websites that have been around for a while should typically be in Google’s index and have attracted several backlinks over the life of the site.  There might be bigger issues with the website if you aren’t appearing in Google’s index at all.

Potential Issues and Solutions:

  • Search engine robots blocked. This is file on your website which tells the search engines what sections of your website it should crawl.  It should look something like this:

User-Agent: *

If your file looks like this below then you are blocking ALL robots from accessing your website…including Google:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

This SEO book tool helps you find any potential issues your website blocking search engine robots from accessing your content, and this other tool will help you generate your robots.txt file if you want to create a new one.

  • A Google penalty – your website may have been penalised by Google for a number of reasons including spamming, paying for links or your website might have even being hacked.  Here’s how to diagnose whether your website has been penalised and how to handle it if you have been.
  • Non-descriptive page titles – the same issue as for a new website mentioned above.  Make sure that you have unique and keyword rich page titles throughout your website.
  • Not enough/quality links to compete on certain keywords – as with most search engine visibility issues, getting more links to your website can help dramatically improve your rankings for a variety of keywords.
  • No content – the other key factor for ranking in search engines.  Creating quality content that is worthy of reference by other people in your industry or your customers will dramatically improve your website’s ability to appear in Google’s search results.

As with all search engine marketing the key to high rankings and being visible on search engines are:

  1. The number and quality of the links pointing to your website
  2. The quality and quantity of content on your site


There is always a reason why your website isn’t showing on Google.  A little bit of analysis using the techniques above will help to identify why your site might not be appearing, and then show you what changes you need to make to resolve the underlying  issues.

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